• Our Survey Engineers have had a total of over 90 years of LEV surveying experience.
  • Our engineers regularly design and project manage the installation of complete LEV systems.
  • A full understanding of the design of LEV systems is key in the diagnostic process when systems do not perform as they should.
  • Our engineers have specialist knowledge of all filter types, cyclone separators and DSEAR/ATEX regulations.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to help our customers comply with current Health and Safety legislation by using the most cost effective methods.


  • We give accurate cost effective recommendations on how to improve under performing systems.
  • Blockages and filter cleaning can usually be attended to during the course of a survey in order to improve the airflows, rather than give an unsatisfactory report.
  • Often modifications to poor ducting, hoods and filter design can increase airflows and effectiveness without resorting to changing filters early or up-rating a fan. This is better for the environment and saves money.
  • Filters are only recommended to be changed if they are damaged, have high dust penetration or show a high differential pressure drop after a cleaning cycle.
  • We do not always fail a system if a duct velocity is below the recommended minimum. This is because under certain circumstances it is impractical and not necessary to increase the duct velocity. A consultative approach helps to identify these circumstances.
  • On one occasion we proved to the HSE by calculation that fume extraction was not required for a particular process. Saving the customer a considerable sum of money.